A vacation all by yourself. Sounds nice, right?

Francesco Ridolfi, ThinkStock

But what would your loved ones think? And how would you handle sitting at a table for one in the middle of a busy restaurant?

Apparently, those concerns are disappearing these days as solo traveling spikes in popularity.

According to the U.S. Travel Association, nearly a quarter of leisure travelers are on their own.

And these getaways aren’t just for single folks. Married moms and dads are taking off, leaving the family behind for a little while.

Henley Vazquez of Passported, an online itinerary planner, said there’s definitely been a greater demand for solo traveling, and women seem to be more interested than men. They want to do something special for themselves, and sometimes that “something” doesn’t interest their partner.

“We can love our partner to pieces but be very different in terms of our interests,” Vazquez said.

Your trip can have a spa and wellness focus. Or maybe the goal is to learn how to surf in a week’s time. Or there’s a rock that you just need to climb, and everyone you know is afraid of heights.

Vazquez said these solo trips don’t usually include just a week of relaxation on the beach. There’s a specific interest steering the way.

“If they’re going to be away from their family and from their children, they want to come back better than they were before, rejuvenated and ready to hop back into family life,” she said.

A solo vacation can certainly have its perks – the most obvious being cost savings. A one-person trip is technically 50 percent cheaper than a vacation for two.

And, if you have the guts, getting a seat at the most popular dining establishments may not be as much of an issue.

“If you’re traveling on your own, there is a much better chance you’re going to be able to walk in and get a table,” Vazquez said.

You can also order the appetizers that your friends, spouse or kids would refuse to eat.

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