House Speaker John Boehner is telling fellow Republicans that talks with President Barack Obama over ending the partial government shutdown and preventing a federal default have stalled


peaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) leaves after meeting with Republicans regarding the government shut down (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Rep. Greg Walden says Boehner told House Republicans at the Capitol this morning that the president isn't negotiating with them adding, "The Senate needs to hold tough."

The closed-door Republican session in a basement meeting room came as the shutdown began its 12th day. Today also marks just five days from the date administration officials have warned the government will deplete its ability to borrow money and risk a first-time federal default that could jolt the world economy.

Across the Capitol, senators plan to vote today on a Democratic measure to lift the government's borrowing cap through the end of next year. Republicans are expected to reject it, though.

At the same time, a bipartisan group of senators, closely watched by Senate leaders, is polishing a plan aimed at reaching a compromise with that includes the president.

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