In a Hurley in the Morning exclusive, we have learned and confirmed that Brenda Taube is challenging the Regular Nominated Republican Paul Rosenberg in the upcoming June 7, 2016, primary election for the position of Atlantic County Clerk.

Taube had sought the nomination at the Atlantic County Republican Convention but Rosenberg prevailed.

I have confirmed that Taube will be submitting her candidate's petition this afternoon to make it official.

Some will cry out "Sore Loser Rule," but Taube is in the race to challenge Rosenberg. Rosenberg will have the coveted Column A under Donald Trump. Atlantic County is the only county in the metro market whereby Trump won the Column A line.

I have also learned that Taube will seek to be bracketed on the Primary Election ballot in the same column as Presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich.

The winner of the Republican will face Atlantic County Clerk Ed McGettigan in the November 8, 2016, general election.

We'll have more coverage about this on Monday, April 4th on "Hurley in the Morning." We're presently lining up Taube to appear at 7:35 AM and Rosenberg at 8:50 AM.

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