An industrial fan, a house thermostat, a vacuum cleaner, a mosaic tile and, of course, the kitchen sink — all are on the list of ridiculous items discovered on New Jersey's beaches during two massive cleanup sessions in 2015.

Clean Ocean Action on Tuesday released the results of its annual beach sweeps program, now in its 30th year.

Scouring more than 70 waterfront locations in April and October, thousands of volunteers collected more than 330,000 pieces of debris.

Here's the list of the most commonly-collected items during the 2015 sweeps:

  1. Plastic pieces (42,793)
  2. Plastic caps/lids (34,426)
  3. Plastic food, candy wrappers/bags (33,405)
  4. Cigarette filters (28,041)
  5. Straws/stirrers (19,633)
  6. Foam pieces (12,841)
  7. Plastic beverage/soda bottles (12,100)
  8. Plastic store/shopping bags (10,808)
  9. Lumber pieces (9,426)
  10. Glass pieces (8,733)
  11. Paper pieces (7,114)
  12. Glass beverage bottles (4,953)

Plastic represented nearly 71 percent of the debris collected, a percentage Clean Ocean Action's Catie Tobin considers "alarming."

"We do hope that this data can continue to educate people and continue to lead various policy initiatives and scientific research to look a little bit further into the harmful effects of these things being in the environment," Tobin said.

Other bizarre items uncovered by volunteers include rat traps, a safe, mini-keg, helmet, shingles, pool skimmer and a rubber brain.

The 2016 beach sweeps are scheduled for Apr. 30 and Oct. 22 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., rain or shine.

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