With spring right around the corner, efforts to rebuild and recover from Sandy are ramping up in towns hard-hit by the Superstorm.

Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media

"We've made really good, steady progress I think. If you look at it now, almost all of the public area debris is gone, so if you go anywhere, the only debris you really see left is on privately owned property," said Governor Chris Christie during last night's edition of "Ask the Governor."

Christie pointed out great progress is also being made removing wet debris in our waterways, and he said rebuilding is now underway in communities where homeowners have completed settlements with their insurance companies.

He also stressed by the first week in April, we'll get "the first part of the HUD money - Community Development Block Grant money that we're going to use both for a homeowner grant program, and a business grant program. Grants that you don't have to pay back."

Christie then said while boardwalks and beaches are being rebuilt, he won't rest until every family displaced by Sandy is back home.

"My job, my main job as Governor now is the recovery and rebuilding of this State after this storm."

He also stressed while the Jersey Shore in 2013 won't look like the Shore did last summer, it will be functional, and it will be a good place for folks to go to enjoy their vacation.

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