The Democratic Party of Northfield is presently scrambling to replace the sudden vacancy created when Jason O'Grady decided to leave the race.

The incumbent Mayor, Jerry McGee appears to want it. They may not want him.

The Party is trying to recruit the spouse, Stephanie, of Democratic Nominee for District 2 Congress, Bill Hughes, Jr. She can probably have it. It's not clear that she wants it. Stephanie is a current Member of the Northfield Board of Education.

And, a late possibility: Popular Councilman at Large, (a former Northfield Mayor), Frank Perri can probably have the nomination if he wants it.

Jerry Mazzeo and the Northfield Democrats are burning up the phone lines in search of a viable replacement candidate.

Both of these candidates could be wind up being tougher assignments for the Republican Nominee, Councilman Erland Chau.

This situation is beyond fluid at the present time.