A Camden County woman is the New Jersey's latest victim of the Zika virus.

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Less than 10 people in New Jersey have contracted the illness, which is carried by certain mosquitoes and can cause birth-defects in infected pregnant women. All the cases in the state — including the woman in Camden — have been a result of travel to countries dealing with an outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

The Camden County woman, who is not pregnant, visited a doctor April 2 with symptoms of ever, rash, fatigue and joint pain. Her doctor provided specimens for testing to the CDC, which then notified the state Department of Health. The Camden County Health and Human Services Department was notified of the positive results on Friday.

Ted Louie, an infectious disease expert with Highland Park Medical Associates in East Brunswick, told Townsquare Media in February that Zika isn't a major cause for concern in New Jersey, especially men and women who are not pregnant. The illness from Zika is mild and the mosquito that carries the virus is not found in the Garden State.

Health officials urge travelers to guard against mosquitoes when they travel to areas affected with Zika.

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