Today is primary Election Day in New Jersey, but turnout is expected to be extremely light.

Democrat for Goivernor and state Senator Barbara Buono votes in Metuchen (Twitter)

While every seat in the Legislature is up for grabs this November, there are only 20 contested races Statewide, and additionally, republican Governor Chris Christie and democratic challenger Barbara Buono are only facing token opposition in their respective races.

Many State residents say they are simply not interested in politics.

“I don’t care and I’m not voting,” said one shopper in Mercer County, “all these people are angling for something anyway, so why should I bother?”

Another shopper said “I’m simply too busy – my brother is in the hospital, I have to stop by and see him, and after that I need to go shopping.”

A woman standing nearly said she didn’t even realize today was the primary.

“I usually get something in the mail – you know, that ballot,” she said, “but this year I never got a thing, at least I didn’t see anything. Isn’t that weird?”

Victory parties are planned later this evening for both Christie and Buono. The polls will remain open till 8pm