As yesterday’s snow and ice storm moves away from the East Coast, New Jersey will remain quiet for a couple days, until our next weather-maker arrives with snow and arctic air later this week.

Here are your weather headlines for Tuesday, February 10, 2015...

Ice Storm Wraps Up

Freezing rain is, without a doubt, one of the worst kinds of weather. A few drops of rain freeze on contact to roadways and sidewalks, and an incredibly slippery situation ensues.

After a messy Monday, and yet another icy morning today, this winter storm will kick out to sea this morning. Most of the state will see nothing more than a few sprinkles and flurries this morning. South Jersey - primarily in and around Cape May County - will get clipped by the remainder of this system as it kicks out to sea. So a few freezing rain and snow showers will persist there until about Noon today. A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for the southern part of the state until later this morning.

Once the sprinkles, flurries, and showers come to an end, skies will remain mostly cloudy as high temperatures climb to the 32° to 37° range today.

Our Next Snow

We’re always keeping an eye to the sky for the next winter storm, and that looks to arrive late Thursday morning. This will be yet another storm that hammers New England, but we’ll just be clipped by the marginally significant snow totals. Light to moderate snow looks to accumulate between about 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. on Thursday. At the moment, I think the current forecast is good enough for at least about 2 inches of snow statewide.

But with highs on Thursday in the upper 30s, will it be rain or wintry mix instead? Will North Jersey fall into the heavier snow band therefore warranting a higher snow total? Will the storm track shift enough to force that statewide forecast to trend higher or lower? Good questions that can’t be answered just yet.

Coldest Air of the Season...Again

The most certain result of Thursday’s winter storm will be the arctic air that arrives behind it. Temperatures will take a tumble Thursday evening through Friday morning leading to some of the coldest temperatures of the season so far. (I know I use that phrase a lot - but it’s true every single time!) Low temperatures on Friday morning will likely fall into the single digits, with some spots near zero. But a fierce wind up to 25 mph will push wind chills well below zero. The teens below zero? Negative teens? Not sure how I’ll describe that on-air yet... but the bottom line is that Friday morning will be bitterly, dangerously cold. Thermometers won’t climb much by Friday afternoon, with forecast highs from 18° to 22°

Following yet another shot of snow Saturday night, another blast of arctic air will push in. Even colder air. A really really cold air mass. I don’t want to go into details yet, since it’s still five days away and the exact numbers may change. However, I ran the climatology, and my current forecast high temperature for Newark and Atlantic City on Sunday would be the coldest day in over two decades. Yeah. Yuck.