We all have to deal with a certain amount of stress at the workplace. Some jobs can be more stressful than others, as well as being physically dangerous.

Some of the factors to determine the stress levels of a particular occupation include: travel, deadlines, competitiveness, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, the life of oneself or others at risk, and interacting with the public.

Does your job make the list?


  • 1

    Enlisted Military Personal

    The stress score for this comes in at 84.78 (out of 100) and the average salary is $27,936 a year. As you can imagine, military men, and women deal with high levels of stress.

    Maksym Dragunov
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    The stress level comes in at 60.59 and the average salary is $45,970. A career in firefighting comes with a high level of stress and danger every single day.

  • 3

    Airline Pilot

    An airline airline pilot comes with a stress score of  60.46
    and an annual salary of $103,390. Being an pilot comes with the responsibility of keeping thousands of passengers safe every single flight.
    Carlos Santa Maria
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    Police Officer

    The stress score comes in at 53.82 and the average salary is $58,630. Police officers take an oath to protect the public they serve and to investigate crimes. 
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    Event Coordinator

    This position comes in with a score of 49.93 and an average salary of $46,490. Stress levels could be high especially when you're dealing with weddings, parties, and seminars, among other gatherings.

    Buccina Studios