The Department of Homeland Security announced a few months ago that certain states would begin enforcing the Real ID Act for air travel in January of 2016. New Jersey is one of those states.

The act essentially requires a second form of identification when traveling by air.

But why? According to Conde Nast Traveler,

In 2005, following the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission, the Real ID Act was passed by Congress with the end goal of making fake IDs harder to obtain. U.S. states and territories were to enforce stricter requirements when issuing IDs, including demanding more proof of identity. Several states, however, refused to comply because of privacy concerns, and it's catching up to them: Extensions to Real ID requirements are slated to expire on January 10, 2016.

But, if you have a New Jersey license, you don't have to worry. Well, at least not until October 10, 2016. Homeland Security has been vague about actually enforcing the act, so you have at least 120 days to get a passport if you're traveling by air with a New Jersey license.

Keep this information in mind while traveling in and out of New Jersey with a New Jersey state issued license.