It's been over eight months since Superstorm Sandy and although the shore is open for business this summer, there are still thousands of Ocean County residents in need of help.

Sandy destruction in South Mantoloking (Townsquare Media)

That's where the Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG) comes into play. Recently, they were responsible with combining efforts with a national organization to assess what the needs are.

World Renew Disaster Response Services was in the area last month to conduct the assessments. Thousands of people turned out at various centers, giving officials and representatives a clear view of what still needs to be done.

"Many of the needs still fall in the housing and insurance area," Laura Pople with the LTRG tells us.

"People are still looking for a road map on how to proceed with the rebuilding of their properties and they're getting stuck. We hope to provide everyone with an extra layer of help."

Pople adds what's more troubling is the amount of calls they are still receiving even to this day.

"There are people who have no idea where to turn. They were either told one thing by one organization or group and learned the information was erroneous. We hope to make the process easier and more accurate."

For more information, residents can call the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group at 732-569-3484 or visit their website.