The website has released its list of the top 50 ugliest college campuses. Three Jersey schools made the list.


According to the site the top 50 were named:

Taking into account location, planning, decentralized campuses, and inappropriately mixed styles of architecture.


First up, Rutgers New Brunswick at #26.

As New Jersey's flagship university, Rutgers is already off to a rough start. The entire university is haphazardly laid out, and therefore, relies heavily on buses for transportation (a service that moves so many people, it is second only to NJ Transit) this dependency on public transportation leaves little room for a proper college experience. While some of the older buildings, like Old Queens (built between 1809–1825), are idyllic university gems, the newer architecture is an eyesore next to the original campus, like the alarmingly red and white patterned Civic Square Building.


At #14, New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Unfortunately NJIT can't seem to distance itself from its drab urban surroundings. This lack of a traditional college-campus feel, coupled with a dizzying variety of building styles (ranging from pseudo-medieval to Modernist) all come together to create a haphazard, ugly campus.


Unfortunately one Jersey college made the top 10, Rowan University in Glassboro at #10.

This campus is in need of a lot of love. The buildings are falling apart and are covered with water stains from years of rainfall. If the crumbling architecture wasn't unwelcoming enough, the campus has an unfortunate amount of ill-placed technical equipment and dumpsters. This lack of care is not lost on Rowan University's students, who have gone as far as creating a blog called  "RowanPains," devoted to the campus' decrepit aesthetic.


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