Crank up some "yacht rock" and weigh anchor: It's looking like a smooth Fourth of July weekend in the Garden State.

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On Thursday, we kept open the possibility that a stray storm might pop up during the afternoon hours both Sunday and Monday in South Jersey. As of Friday morning, that threat is quashed, with now a mostly sunny outlook for both days.

But more on that later.

Friday, and July, begins as Thursday and June ended: Sunshine, with high temperatures in the lower to mid-80s. But some thunderstorms are expected to develop by the afternoon, bringing with them the usual complement of gusty winds, heavy rain and lightning. We will update you on-air and online with any advisories that come through related to this part of the forecast.

The precipitation should move out this evening, with lows dipping into the lower to mid-60s, though South Jersey could see temperatures settle in the upper 60s instead. That leads us to Saturday, when we'll get sunshine all day and highs again in the 80s.

Now back to Sunday and Monday. Rain has been removed entirely from the forecast for both days, and there looks to be more sun than cloud cover. On Sunday, temperatures could reach the upper 80s in some spots, and for the Fourth of July, we'll tend toward the lower end of the 80s during the day, especially along the Jersey Shore.

Whatever your plans may be, have a safe and fun weekend!

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