Yet another shot of snow and yet another blast of arctic temperatures will keep winter in the air through the rest of the week.

Here are your weather headlines for Wednesday, February 18, 2015...

Shot of Snow Tonight

Following a halfway decent Wednesday daytime, we’ll have yet another storm system move in tonight. Luckily, this one will be on the weak side, so snow intensity and accumulations shouldn’t be that bad. New Jersey’s first flakes could fall as early as about 7 p.m. tonight, and the snow could last through about 7 a.m. tomorrow. Again, the intensity will be light to occasionally moderate, so we shouldn’t pile up too much frozen stuff on the roads by your Thursday morning commute. Maybe an inch... maybe pockets of two inches... but that’s about it.

Sigh... Another Arctic Blast

As snow showers come to an end early Thursday morning, another arctic cold front will lead to sharply increasing winds and sharply decreasing temperatures. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, yet another arctic blast is on the way.

Compared to our last taste of frigidity last weekend, temperatures will be similar this time around (or maybe a hair colder). The big difference will be the winds - still gusty tomorrow and Friday (over 30 mph) but nowhere near last weekend’s wind gusts (over 60 mph). Wind chills will still be very cold, but will only occasionally fall into the “danger zone” Thursday and Friday. For both days, low temperatures will fall well into the single digits, high temperatures will range from about 15 to 20 degrees, and wind chills will be no better than the single digits for 36-48 hours.

I know it’s cliche, but seriously... Bundle up!

Weekend Storm

Temperatures will moderate heading into Saturday, but we’ll stay chilly and breezy. By Saturday evening, our next storm system will be moving into New Jersey. This one will be complicated. That’s mostly because warm air advection on Sunday will make temperatures soar into the 40s across the state. (Yes, 40s! Too bad it will be raining.)

So Saturday night through early Monday morning will be messy. I think this storm will produce all snow to start, after sunset on Saturday. Then we’ll transition to a quick shot of freezing rain on Sunday morning, followed by rain for most of the day on Sunday. (Again, due to mild temperatures in the 40s!) As temperatures drop Sunday night, we’ll likely change back to snow for a brief time before tapering off completely early Monday morning.

I doubt we’ll be talking about serious snow totals, since any snow that falls will be quickly washed away by the ensuing rain. I’m more concerned about that icing potential from freezing rain, but at this time, it’s impossible to pinpoint where and when that would set up. Anything that falls - snow, freezing rain, or rain - could be heavy at times. So no matter what is falling from the sky at any point in time on Sunday, there will be potential travel problems. What a mess.

What comes behind this storm? Probably another blast of arctic air for early next week. Yes, this Sunday the 22nd could very well be the only day above average - and the only day to climb above freezing - through early March.