As investigators in the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office determine whether to press charges against the parents of the four-year-old Toms River boy, who shot his six-year-old playmate in the head on Monday, Toms River residents remain in shock by the tragic incident.

Toms River home where 6-year-old Brandon Holt was shot by a 4-year-old neighbor (Facebook)

Six-year-old Brandon Holt died Tuesday after being shot in the head with a .22 caliber rifle brought out by the four-year-old from his home.

While many residents feel sorrow for the family of the victim, they do sympathize with the family of the shooter, who have not been identified.

“I think the parents are going to have a really hard time, both sets,” says one resident.  “They’re probably suffering enough already, however, it is such gross negligence.”

The incident comes right in the middle of a heated debate on gun control in the country. Many residents agree that regardless of what gun laws are in place, if the four year old boy was easily able to access a loaded rifle, then the parents were negligent.

“They should have locked their guns. If they have to have had them."

“I can’t understand why any parent wouldn’t lock their guns away,” remarked a resident.

However, one township resident also feels sorry for the child who was holding the rifle and may or may not have fired it intentionally.

While investigators ascertain whether or not it was accidental discharge, the fact remains, another boy is dead because of it.

“The child has no idea what he did and he’s never going to understand what he did.”