A new survey shows more and more consumers are using technology to turn away from so-called "appointment TV."

Fuse, Getty Images

The Nielsen study found that in the past year, people spent two hours or more per month watching a television show on a computer, tablet or smartphone, and multitasking was common.

"It's part of the great upheaval in our society that's been undertaken by our technology," said Steven Miller, professor of journalism and media studies at Rutgers University.

Miller said these days, a lot of viewers watch their favorite show not when it's regularly scheduled, but on their own schedule.

"It's a brave new world, and people are taking to it very quickly," Miller said.

The habit of watching more than one screen for entertainment is a natural extension of what many of us do on a daily basis in the workplace. According to Miller, we are accustomed to simultaneously monitoring numerous tasks.

This evolution in home entertainment choices may also make some network executives, in charge of scheduling specific programming at specific times, obsolete.