The Hamilton Township Police Department has arrested two students from Oakcrest High School for making threats against the school earlier this week and last week.

The two teenagers, both 16 years of age, were taken into custody by police Wednesday afternoon.

On April 10th a student at Oakcrest High School discovered a threat in one of the men’s bathrooms and reported it to a teacher. School administration was notified and immediately began evacuation procedures and contacted local police. K-9 bomb detection dogs from various municipalities responded and deemed the school safe after a four hour search.

On April 16th, another student from Oakcrest discovered a second threat in a different bathroom and reported it to a teacher. Although students had already been dismissed for the day there were still many present for extracurricular activities. The school was again evacuated and cleared by assisting K-9 dogs and subsequently locked down for the night.

On the morning of April 17th there was a large police and K-9 presence on location as students arrived to school in an effort to deter any additional illegal activity and ensure all students and employees were safe.

The cooperative investigation between the school administration, faculty, and students, the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office and the Township of Hamilton Police brought the case to a timely resolution. The police department was impressed with the cooperation of the student body in identifying the suspects in this case and is impressed on how they took ownership of their school.

Both students were charged with False Public Alarm, Terroristic Threats and Conspiracy. They were placed on the Home Electronic Detention System Program (HEDS) and released to their parents pending Family Court.

Information courtesy Hamilton Township Police Department press release.