Excuse me, is that hundreds of dollars of shrimp in your pocket......?

New Jersey State Police are asking for your help in identifying a man who, they say, stole some $500 worth of shrimp from the ShopRite in Upper Township.

According to police, the theft occurred on April 7th, when the suspect was caught on surveillance putting numerous bags of frozen shrimp into several reusable bags. He then walked out of the store, getting into a black Ford Expedition.

This is the same store where a man recently walked out with $300 worth of baby powder. (We don't think it's the same suspect.....)

Police have provided these pictures and ask that if you have any information on the suspect, you call Trooper Ryker Toscano of Woodbine Station at 609-861-5698.

A reminder that all suspects are innocent until found guilty.

SOURCE: New Jersey State Police News Release via Facebook

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