Secretary of State John Kerry is briefing some of the United States' closest allies and working out details on how to put an end to Syria's chemical weapons program.

Secretary of State John Kerry (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu go to shake hands at the conclusion of their statements after their lengthly meeting (Jim Hollander-Pool/Getty Images)

A day after visiting Israeli leaders, Kerry was due to meet Monday with top officials from France, Britain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who had pressed for military strikes on Syria after the Aug. 21 poison gas attack that killed hundreds.

U.S. and Russian officials reached an ambitious agreement over the weekend calling for an inventory of Syria's chemical weapons program within a week, with the program eradicated by mid-2014.

The U.N. resolution under discussion Monday would detail how Syria can secure and destroy its stockpile. The U.N.'s chief weapons inspector turned over his team's report on the August attack on Sunday and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is scheduled to brief a closed session of the Security Council on the findings this morning.


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