Hats off to USA Today for letting the nation know the Atlantic City area is open for business.

During the height of Superstorm Sandy, people across the country saw chunks of the Atlantic City Boardwalk floating down Pacific Avenue with headlines like, "Atlantic City Boardwalk Destroyed by Sandy" all over TV news reports.

Of course, us locals know that the main part of the boardwalk made it through Sandy perfectly fine. Now, one of the biggest challenges facing people who promote Atlantic City is to erase those images and to let everyone know that Atlantic City is open for business. An article in today's USA Today does just that.

"There's this perception out there that Atlantic City was devastated by the storm," says Tony Rodio, president of the Casino Association of New Jersey. Although the casinos did shut down for an unprecedented five days, none suffered major damage, he said, noting that the Boardwalk in the heart of the tourist area remained intact, contrary to initial media reports.

The article goes on to feature holiday specials offered by many of the casinos, plus website links for hotel information. To read the full article, click here.