The brief glimpse of blue skies on Sunday was short-lived, as the Garden State will see increasing clouds and shower chances through Monday and Tuesday.

Here are your weather headlines for Monday, May 9, 2016...

The Return of Clouds and Showers

After May began with a week and a half streak of grey, wet, cool weather, the sun finally made an appearance this weekend! While we warmed up nicely on Sunday as a result of the sunshine, we did have to deal with a pretty fierce wind (gusting as high as 40 mph).

The wind and warmth will continue Monday, but the bright blue skies will not. High temperatures are forecast to reach the 70-degree mark, which is right on the seasonal normal high for May 9. Sustained winds of 15 to 25 mph are expected through the afternoon.

Meanwhile, clouds will increase notably by late morning Monday, becoming mostly cloudy or even overcast by the afternoon. In addition, models suggest a few showers will creep into the southern half of the state on Monday afternoon too. Rainfall amounts will be very light, and the blobs of rain will probably be hit or miss.

So, Monday won't be a perfect day. But, if you can avoid the showers and don't mind the wind, the seasonable springtime 70 degree temperatures will be quite pleasant.

Better Chance of Showers

As a storm system slides into New Jersey on Tuesday, we'll see a better chance of showers. While the rain is likely to be more widespread on Tuesday than Monday, rainfall totals are still mostly expected to be on the light side. Having said that, pockets of heavier rain will be possible - especially in central and southern New Jersey around mid-morning Tuesday.

The thick clouds and rain will keep temperatures at bay on Tuesday, with highs only in the lower to mid 60s. Keep in mind, normal highs are now at or above 70 degrees.

Gorgeous Midweek Weather

Our reward for Tuesday's damp and dreary weather will be some beautiful weather arriving by the middle of the week.

Skies will become sunny on Wednesday, helping high temperatures bump into the pleasant lower 70s for most of the New Jersey. (The usual exception will be the Jersey Shore, where the sea breeze will prevent the air from warming beyond the 60s, at best.) Thermometers will reach the 70s again on Thursday, with abundant sunshine continuing as well. Winds will become southerly and light - pretty perfect weather!

Unsettled Weather by Week's End

Friday will be warm once again, in the lower to mid 70s. But an approaching storm system will cause clouds and rain chances to increase once again by Friday afternoon. And, with the plentiful warmth and humidity in the atmosphere, some of that rain could manifest itself as strong to severe thunderstorms. As always, we'll be watching this forecast closely as the week presses on, and will keep you updated on the potential severe weather threat.

The early look at next weekend shows another brief shot of showers and thunderstorms late Saturday, and then somewhat cooler temperatures for Sunday.

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