It was "Miss Vermont the Science Contestant" as she created a foamy mess on stage during the second night of the talent preliminary rounds of the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City.

Instead of the more common singing, dancing or juggling, Alayna Westcom followed up on her promise of a "dramatic science experiment" in her profile by "performing"  an unusual science experiment by creating what she called "elephant toothpaste." As seen in the video above by, She mixed potassium iodide, hydrogen peroxide and soap and created an eruption of foam shooting skyward out of a beaker.

Westcom, who is an autopsy technician who acts as an assistant to the Vermont state medical examiner, calls her platform "Success Through STEM," which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. She has immersed herself in science and wants to encourage girls and other young women to do so as well, she said.

"One of the comments I get very often is that I don't look like an autopsy technician, or that I don't look like a scientist," Westcom told  That's one of the stereotypes I want to break because I might not look like — well, I'm not even sure I know what an autopsy technician or a scientist looks like." 

Comedian Dena Blizzard (Miss New Jersey 1995), host of the preliminary rounds, says "Last night was the first time I can remember a dramatic science experiment was done on stage. The pageant is all about the STEM program. Maybe we'll start to see more talents like this in the future."

The Miss America Pageant holds its annual "Show Us Your Shoes" parade on the Atlantic City Boardwalk on Saturday afternoon, with the pageant scheduled for Sunday night.