A Jersey Shore police officer — knowing things might take a turn for the foul — chased and helped a skunk with a juice box stuck on its head. And he caught the whole chase on a video posted this week.

"This is a skunk with a Burger King orange juice (box) on its head. And it's stuck. And it can't see. Probably gonna get skunked," Ocean Gate officer Jonathan Whitney said as he let out a sigh, as the skunk walked in a circle near his cruiser.

The skunk wouldn't respond to Whitney's calls. He then followed the skunk in the rain down the street as it tried to get away. The officer tried reaching down to pull the box off the skunk's head but it kept turning away.

Whitney then reached down and made one last grab and got the box off the skunk's head. It ran off. "It's off," said a smiling Whitney, happy that he was not skunked.

"That was a great act of kindness," wrote Patricia Jones in the comment section of a Facebook post about the chase. "I totally thought you were going to get skunked! Which would have been social suicide! Thanks for going the extra mile," wrote Terri O'Neill.

Not everyone had praise for the officer. Several were concerned that the box was left in the street after the skunk was freed.

"Could have put the carton in the trash and not throw it back on the ground for another animal to get stuck in it," commented Pamela Smejkal.

Ocean Gate Police in the post warned against approaching wild animals

"Skunks are a primary source of rabies in many areas of the United States. Human and domestic pet contact with skunks should be avoided," the department wrote, advising that it should be left to professionals to handle.