President Barack Obama is calling attention to his economic proposals and efforts to expand the middle class.

In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama says the U.S. should focus on attracting good jobs, educating workers and ensuring workers get paid a decent living.

Obama has been pushing those priorities in recent visits to Baltimore and Austin, Texas. Obama says he'll make the case in more U.S. cities soon.

Obama says politics in Washington often aren't focused on what Americans care about.

“That’s why I like getting out of the Washington echo chamber whenever I can – because too often, our politics aren’t focused on the same things you are,” Obama said in his weekly address. “Working hard. Supporting your family and your community. Making sure your kids have every chance in life.”He's alluding to a series of political troubles that dogged him last week and overshadowed his agenda.

In the Republican address, Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland says red tape in Obama's health care law will drive up costs. He says the embattled IRS needs less power, not more.

He demonstrated his concerns with Sen.  Mitch McConnell's Red Tape Tower, a 20,000 page, seven-foot tall collection of "all the regulations already associated with President Obama's health care law."

Harris, who is a doctor, says, "Obamacare is knocking American off the ladder of opportunity, and the sooner we repeal it, the sooner we can start fixing health care for working families."

He noted that the House voted to fully repeal the affordable health care law and urged the Senate to do the same.   "Now it's time for the Senate to listen to the people as well."

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