President Obama talked about the budget while Republican continued to discuss Obamacare in their respective weekly media addresses.

Obama says budget negotiations in Congress are about choices and priorities. The president urges Congress to pass a budget that includes spending on education, infrastructure and research.

"Priorities. Choices. That’s what this is about. And the stakes for the middle class couldn’t be higher," says Obama. "If we don’t pick the right priorities now, make the right choices now, we could hinder growth and opportunity for decades, and leave our children with something less.

Obama says there's an obsession with cutting spending just for the sake of cutting. He says it's not helping grow the economy. He's pointing out that deficits are falling fast on his watch."Congress should pass a budget that cuts things we don’t need, and closes wasteful tax loopholes that don’t help create jobs, so that we can free up resources for the things that actually do create jobs and growth," says Obama.

House and Senate budget negotiators hope to strike a deal that would avert a new round of automatic cuts set to hit the Pentagon and domestic programs.

In the Republican address, Sen. Dan Coats of Indiana is criticizing Obama over the health care website and insurance cancellation notices. He says the health care law can't be fixed and Americans should start over. “It’s been one month since the launch of the health care law’s website, and many Americans across the country still cannot enroll, says Coats.

Coats pointed out Obama's statement that people could keep their current coverage which isn't turning out to be the case for many. “The failure of [the] Obamacare launch is just the tip of the iceberg, and unless we act, Americans will be stuck on board this Titanic," according to Coats.

“Americans deserve the opportunity to decide whether they want to keep Obamacare or replace it with real solutions – solutions that bring down the cost of care and protect the vulnerable," said the  Indiana Senator in pushing his bill that would delay the individual mandates of Obamacare until 2015.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.