Both President Obama and the Republicans discussed the new health care law in their weekly radio and internet addresses.

The President is pledging to do everything he can to make sure the new health care law works the way he intended. Obama is criticizing congressional Republicans, who he says are trying to confuse people about the law. He targets other Republican opponents for threatening to eliminate funding for the law or shut down the government if they don't get their way.

The president says a lot of Republicans think he'll suffer if they make the law fail. But if that happens, he says they'd just be "sticking it" to the people.

In the Republican address, West Virginia Rep. Shelley Moore Capito argues for a delay in the requirement that uninsured consumers buy health care coverage or pay fines.

“Let’s delay this health care law, not just for some but for all Americans. That would only be fair,” she said. “That would (be) government working the way it’s suppose to.”

Obama has promised a veto of a bill that would delay the individual mandate.

Capito does not think that the portions of Obamacare already implemented are working.

“Not when the administration is missing deadlines, issuing waivers and granting delays hand over fist,” she said. “Things have become so bad that the administration wants to rely on the honor system to verify who is eligible for subsidies.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report