President Barack Obama is wishing a joyful Easter to those who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama says the Easter and Passover holidays give millions of Christians, Jews and people of other faiths a chance to slow down and recommit themselves to loving their neighbors and seeing everyone as a child of God.

“This weekend, I hope we’re all able to take a moment to pause and reflect” Obama said. “To embrace our loved ones. To give thanks for our blessings. To rededicate ourselves to interests larger than our own.”

Jews celebrated Passover at sundown on Monday. Easter is Sunday.

In the Republican address, Rep. Terry Lee of Nebraska called for approval of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to bring oil from Canada's tar sands to Texas Gulf Coast refineries. Lee says the project would help create tens of thousands of jobs.

Lee says the pipeline "is primed to give our economy a shot in the arm and make energy more affordable – and it won't cost the taxpayers a dime."
The Obama administration is considering whether to approve the project, which would run through Lee's home state. Lee accuses the President of using "every bureaucratic trick and excuse in the book" to block the pipeline.

"It's now been more than 1,600 days since the initial permits were filed for building the pipeline," Terry said. "To put that in perspective, it took the United States a little more than 1,300 days to win World War II, and it took Lewis and Clark about 1,100 days to walk the Louisiana Purchase and back."

The Associated Press contributed to this story.