Obamacare was the topic for President Obama and Republicans in their weekly internet and radio addresses.
President Barack Obama is appealing to the public anew to pressure Congress to stop undermining his health care law through measures that would threaten a government shutdown or a default on the government's debts.

The president makes it clear he would not accede to Republican efforts to defund the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Obama says, quote, "That's not happening. And they know it's not happening."

The House on Friday passed a stopgap spending bill through mid-December that cuts off money for the health care law. Later in the month, Congress must raise the nation's debt limit to avoid a first-ever default.

The Republican address was delivered by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. He calls for economic growth through leadership and bipartisan negotiation in Washington and noted that states with Republican governors are doing well economically.

“We reduce government, balance budgets, and keep taxes as low as possible,” he said.

Sandoval said that despite political differences in his state's legislature, Nevada's economy has grown. “Good executives, like all good leaders, must expect opposition when making decisions. Executives must engage those that disagree with them. They must listen to all ideas, persuade when possible, and respectfully and firmly disagree when necessary.”
Senator Harry Reid's national press secretary, Kristen Orthman,  noted that Sandoval has agreed to set up health exchanges as part of an acceptance of Obamacare for his state.

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