Efforts are moving along within the state Motor Vehicle Commission to lessen the agency's reliance on old-school technology and get in line with customer needs and the latest applications available.

NJ Driver's License (state.nj.us/mvc/)

In the process, your experience at a New Jersey MVC office could improve significantly.

Raymond Martinez, chief administrator, said the point of the initiative is to take pieces of the business off of the "mainframe environment" — an old way of doing things — and transfer them to a web-based, more agile and more reliable system.

One of those pieces is replacing the core system that's used at all 39 agency locations statewide. With the upgrade, employees will no longer have to jump from screen to screen in order to assist a customer.

"They're using outdated technology and it slows them in their ability to respond to the customer," Martinez said. "It just makes the transaction longer."

He said if a customer's experience inside an office can be shaved by five minutes, it would have a dramatic effect on their operations overall.

And with the way things run now, system crashes or glitches result in a major loss of productivity, eliminating the ability to perform certain tasks. In a web-based environment, Martinez said, employees don't need to stop in their tracks.

The project is anticipated to be completed in two years, an agency spokesperson said.

The multi-million dollar "Transformation Project" is made up of several parts, each one going live as they're completed, instead of performing one massive overhaul and just hoping it works in the end at the flip of a switch, Martinez said.

The project will also target the scheduling of road tests, improve the document scanning process for obtaining a license and help customers with retrieving their driver record abstracts.

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