Periods of rain and fog, with a few rumbles of thunder, are expected Thursday as high temperatures soar into the 60s across New Jersey.

You wanted Spring? Well, here you go! Temperatures will bump above normal today for the first time in over a week. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the warmest day of the year so far for many parts of New Jersey. Unfortunately, the warmth might be difficult to enjoy with the rain in the forecast.

Early this morning, dense fog has been reported at many weather stations across the state. As a warm front lifts northward over New Jersey this morning, rain and fog will be problematic through the late morning and early afternoon. For the most part, rainfall will be light today... but a heavier downpour and a few rumbles of thunder can’t be ruled out. By late afternoon, we’ll hopefully see a bit of a break in the rainfall action, allowing us to hopefully soak in the warm temperatures a bit through the early evening.

After sunset, a cold front will approach, with another round of rain ahead of it. Models have not successfully resolved the intensity of this line of rain - the NAM has trended toward a narrow band of heavier rain and thunderstorms, while GFS is a bit mellower. I’m leaning toward the heavier solution, giving the pool of warm, humid air that will be on top of us today. Regardless, be ready for some rain overnight, likely peaking in the hours surrounding about 10 p.m.

The air mass behind that cold front isn’t really “that” cold, so it’s going to take an extra day for the full effects of cooler, drier air to take hold. As disturbances also ride along that front through the day Friday, we’ll have to keep a chance for showers and clouds in the forecast for the morning and maybe even into the afternoon. Temperatures will be cooler, but still comfortable, with a high near 50&;deg.

The really cool air will arrive by Saturday, as temperatures struggle to make it to 40 with a stiff breeze. Additionally, a weak disturbance will provide a chance for snow and rain showers all day on Saturday. Nothing heavy is expected, but it could certainly be enough to make for a messy day.

By Sunday, we clear away to sunshine. But temperatures will remain cool to close out the weekend, with highs still in the 40s - about 10° below normal for late March.