So far, this week has brought cool and quiet weather to New Jersey, but starting Wednesday afternoon the chance for rain and eventually some thunderstorms will pop into the forecast.

Model forecast for Thursday night shows an extended period of moderate to heavy rain. (College of DuPage Meteorology)

I hope you have enjoyed this stretch of four cool, quiet weather days here in New Jersey... because it’s over. Wet weather is expected over the next several days for New Jersey. While we don’t expect any really heavy rain or widespread frozen precipitation, the rain will be an annoyance this week. And it will at least partially ruin a very nice, warm day on Thursday.

Showers will move in Wednesday afternoon, as early as Noon or 1 p.m. along the western edge of the state. As the rain spreads eastward, just about everyone in New Jersey will be under the rain by late afternoon (4 or 5 p.m.). With high temperatures in the 43° to 48° range today, it’s all rain. So this evening’s commute will be wet, but manageable.

Overnight, scattered showers will continue as temperatures fall to about 40°. The northwest corner of New Jersey may fall to about the 36° mark at the surface, which is theoretically cold enough for some snowflakes (assuming temperatures not-too-far-above the surface are below freezing). But these wintry weather impacts will be isolated and minimal.

As a whole, Thursday looks wet, with scattered pockets of rain pushing through new Jersey throughout the day. Having said that, there will be some breaks in the rainfall action on Thursday. So yes, you’ll be able to briefly enjoy the nice, warm temperatures which will push into the 60s for most of the state. Be aware, however, that the warmth will be fueled by some brisk winds, gusting over 25 mph.

The big push of rain will come Thursday evening, ahead of a front that will eventually put an end to the warm temperatures. Because of the atmospheric humidity that will increase today and tomorrow, and because the difference between the warm and cool air masses will be pretty big, we’ll watch for some heavy rain during Thursday late evening (around 10 p.m.). Additionally, because of the warm air, our atmosphere is likely to be marginally unstable, so our first round of spring thunderstorms will be possible Thursday night as well.

Showers could linger for a time on Friday morning, but eventually cooler and drier air will prevail by Friday afternoon. High temperatures on Friday will be cooler, but still comfortable, around 50°

For the upcoming weekend, we’ll potentially see another brief shot of light rain and snow showers early Saturday morning, followed by more cool temperatures. Highs for both Saturday and Sunday look to reach the mid 40s at best.