What? You don't think you have an accent? Watch this short video and you may see what you haven't been hearing.

There is a special talent I have, for picking up on accents and being able to nail where someone is from, just by hearing them say a few words.

I have been lucky to have lived in many different regions of the country: Indiana, Montana, Georgia, South Carolina and New Jersey, and am amazed at how the New Jersey accent changes SO MUCH for such a small state.

Each time I go back home to visit my parents and relatives in Georgia, they remind me how much of a "Yankee" I sound like - and I don't even notice it, until I hear the southern twang of my "kin-folk'.

Check out this extremely interesting video on the Northern New Jersey accent, and I bet you will wind out saying these words out loud to see if you sound like you have a "Jersey accent".

I'll be waiting for the South Jersey accent video, by the way...

This video was provided on YouTube by Howcast

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