As we close out 2014 and get ready to ring in a brand new year, New Jerseyans are hoping to see lots of changes in the months to come.

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"I'd like to see less corruption, more jobs, less crime, more working together and less divisiveness," said one shopper in Mercer County. "That would be nice - I think we have a lot of that in this state."

A woman standing by chimed in, saying that "lower taxes is most important, because taxes just keep getting higher and higher and they're outweighing our mortgage payments at this point."

Other shoppers agreed.

"I'm looking for lower taxes," said a man in Ewing Township. "It's too inviting to jump over to Pennsylvania right now, and I would like it to be a little more balanced over the river."

Another shopper talked about the need for a lower crime rate.

"I'd like to see less crime, it impacts the neighborhood, it impacts the children. I'd like to see parents take more responsibility for their children, they're pretty much raising themselves, and they're making bad choices," the New Jerseyan said.

One man said as far as he's concerned, "less crime and corruption, that's a good start."

But some Garden State residents have other ideas.

"Lower renting rates for apartments, so I can move out of my parents house," one young woman said.

Her friend chimed in, adding "I'd like more trees, I like trees a lot, less parking lots, more trees."

A shopper nearby said "what's important to me is more humanity in people of power."