Those little blood sucking devils seem to be selective on who they make a meal out of. Why do they chose you?

Think back to summers in the past. You're hanging out outside with some friends and family enjoying a nice warm summer night. By the end of the night you're scratching away at the tiny little bumps those nasty mosquitoes left as a present to remember them by. You look over to your friend who doesn't have a single bite. Sound familiar? For many of us the jealousy is real. Why can't we be our own bug repellent?

So why do mosquitoes like certain people more than others? Let's find out together.

  • 1

    You sweat a lot.

    When you sweat you release lactic acid. Mosquitoes are attracted to that lactic acid. They are also attracted to the higher body temperature that causes said sweat.

  • 2

    You breathe a lot.

    Stop breathing so much. Yes, I'm kidding. That's not exactly realistic. Mosquitoes like the Carbon Dioxide that you exhale. Of course there are other chemicals we breathe out that varies from person to person. Which brings us to #3.

  • 3

    Your parents are to blame.

    Yes, you may be able to blame your parents for those days where your itchy skin is your mortal enemy. Genetics come into play with your attractiveness to mosquitoes. I can thank my dad for my long dark eyelashes and blame him for the 30 mosquito bites I get just from walking from my car to the house.

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  • 4

    You have type O blood.

    Mosquitoes aren't exactly picky eaters, but they do have preferences. Just like I prefer Cabernet Sauvignon over Pinot Noir, but I'll drink either because it's wine. Mosquitoes like all blood, but they prefer type O. Sorry for all of your type O people, there's nothing you can do about that.

  • 5

    You smell good.

    It's probably not smart to douse yourself in perfume or cologne right before you go do anything outside. That sweet scent makes you a target.

  • 6

    You smell bad.

    Wait, didn't you just say the complete opposite? Yes I did, you're paying attention. Body odor attracts those nasty buggers. It's less of the odor itself and more of the bacteria that causes the odor that's attractive to mosquitoes.

  • 7

    You just drank a beer.

    I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that Miller Lite you just finished may be the reason mosquitoes love you. A study was done comparing water and beer consumption and the impact it has on mosquito bites. The results showed after ingesting alcohol you may be at a higher risk for mosquito bites.