With gasoline prices on the rise, an electric or hybrid vehicle might make more sense than ever.

Electric vehicles not only take you farther for less, but they ride quieter and are much kind er to our environment since they have no greenhouse gas emissions. When you plug in, you will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year to power your hybrid or electric vehicle.

Here's even more good news... the standard automobile has more than 2,000 moving parts compared to about 18 moving parts on an electric car. Less moving parts equals less money for maintenance and repairs.  Costs to buy a new hybrid or electric vehicle are now comparable to standard cars.  Save even more with rebates and tax incentives.  Charging stations are popping up everywhere, or install a charging station right at your home for a few hundred bucks and charge your car overnight for only a couple dollars. Why feel pain at the pump when you can cheer while you charge?

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