When a lottery jackpot goes sky-high and everyone here at the station chips-in to buy a bunch of tickets, I always join the pool simply because I don't want to be the one person who didn't win their share of a bazillion dollars. But what would happen if you didn't join the pool and your co-workers actually won?

That scenario played out recently at a real estate office in Florida. A bunch of co-workers bought a bunch of tickets and they won $1 million. Notice I said, "a bunch of co-workers" -- not "every worker."

One worker at this office was only on the job for a couple weeks when someone went around and collected $20 from everyone to buy some Powerball tickets. The new co-worker hadn't yet been paid, wanted to save some money, and didn't buy into the pool.

One of the tickets the office got was a $1 million winner. After taxes, each person will be getting just over $80,000 and they all agreed to split their winnings, to some degree, with their new co-worker.

So, if you were the one person who didn't buy into a lottery pool with your co-workers and they won a big chunk of money, would they be generous and split some of the money with you, even though you didn't participate? Let us know in the comments section below.