WPG Talk Radio 1450 is proud to announce former NBC 40 news anchor Michelle Dawn Mooney is joining our line-up!

Michelle Dawn Mooney, who spent years in the news anchor chair at NBC 40, is joining WPG Talk Radio 1450 for a weekday talk show starting Monday, May 4th, from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.

Her show, "Middays with Michelle Dawn Mooney," will be an interactive show with lots of positive talk about the region. Michelle told Harry Hurley Wednesday morning, "I'm excited to give a little energizing boost [to middays] and just give some topics that people want to hear about and some fun stuff. It's going to be a little outside of the box... it's not going to be your typical talk show and I'm excited about that."

Listen to Harry Hurley's big announcement with Michelle Dawn Mooney here:

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