If you haven't been paying attention to your national calendar, you may have missed that this Sunday, July 15 is National Give Something Away Day! Don't worry, we got you on this. We scoured over South Jersey Craigslist to see just how weird things could get.

After searching through 3000 items, here are the 10 oddest things we could find.

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    Free Cleaning Supplies

    From the picture, it seems these cleaners are already opened or used. Maybe that's why they're being given away for free? We're still trying to know who would actually want these.

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    Free Book Socks

    Some are used. Some are new. Some are blue. They fit all the needs of whatever book you have.

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    Free Goat Tower

    Do you have a goat? Does your goat have dreams of being Repunzel? Here's the thing for you! Not too sure what a 'goat tower' does, but if you get it, let us know!

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    Twinkie- Shaped Pan

    We're here for this. Twinkies are something you can't go wrong with. Now all you'll need is the recipe!

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    8' Fiberglass Polar Bear

    Oh yes, you read that correctly. Eight. Feet. Tall. Why? We don't know. Who would want this? We still don't know. Maybe you want to keep people away from your house. This would DEFINITELY do that.

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    Home Security Sign

    This isn't the home security SYSTEM. All you get is the SIGN. According to the poster, if you put the sign outside, people will assume you have the system and not rob you. Sounds like a plan!

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    Little Furbys

    One of the creepiest toys from the 90's. There are many stories of people taking the batteries out and it still making noises. I personally used to hide mine in the closet when I went to bed. Now you can buy 24 of them. We'll leave that to you though.

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    Bamboo and Paper Fans

    There is 190 fans in this post. Hurry up and get them before they run out!

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    Red Wiggler Worms

    Worms. $30.00 a pound. Apparently that gets you around 1000 worms. The poster says to use them for composting. We say, you better keep them away from birds or you lose your composters.

  • Via Craigslist South Jersey

    10 Gallon Pail with Lid and Handle

    We're getting some Oscar the Grouch vibes from this trash can. Maybe you can buy this and one of the worms and make your own version of the show!