The condition of many roads in Atlantic City, New Jersey are currently deplorable and dangerous.

Atlantic City is a multibillion dollar casino city, whereby the local government appears incapable of attending to the most basic services.

Let’s begin with Atlantic Avenue. The condition is the worst it has ever been.

Here’s a look at one area of Atlantic Avenue. This is near the 2400 block. But, you can find countless examples just like it and worse throughout Atlantic City.

It’s incomprehensible, but, Atlantic Avenue is not currently scheduled to be repaired until February, 2024. It simply cannot wait until then.

The current condition of the roads is something that Atlantic City 6th Ward Councilman Jesse Kurtz has been very focused upon.

The impediment is the executive branch, Mayor Marty Small, whose job it is to attend to the regular maintenance of the roads and all other basic services in the city.

We took an on-air phone call from a gentle lady listener yesterday, who described her trip down this exact area of Atlantic City, Atlantic Avenue, near Doc’s Oyster House.

Our Listener remarked that had she not been in a large utility vehicle, that a typical car can be destroyed in road conditions like this.

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We telephoned Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt, who agreed that the “condition of numerous roads are unacceptable and that there has not been an organized approach exhibited by the administration,” said Tibbitt.

”We simply can’t wait until February of 2024 to repair Atlantic Avenue. We have an obligation to our residents, taxpayers and visitors to provide safe, well maintained streets,” said Tibbitt.

“It’s not acceptable to expect the residents and tourists to have to deal with the dangerous conditions of the roads on Atlantic Avenue. We cannot wait another 18 months to have them repaired,” concluded Tibbitt.

Tibbitt also addressed with us that some short term fix must be accomplished as soon as possible, should the long term fix be forced to wait until 2024.

Here are a few more photographs of Atlantic City’s Atlantic Avenue that were taken on December 2, 2022.

TSM listener photo.
TSM listener photo.
TSM listener photo.
TSM listener photo.

The above photograph depicts Atlantic Avenue looking eerily similar to the surface of the moon. These craters cause car tires to blow out, rims to be bent and axils destroyed.

It is our hope, that this focus on the deplorable conditions of Atlantic City roadways will help fuel a positive call to action to demand results.

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