Make no mistake about it, this is a world-class effort accomplished by Galloway Township,  Mayor Tony Coppola, former mayor Don Purdy and their many colleagues.

Amazon is one big step closer to coming to Galloway Township, and it’s been many years in the making.

It dates back to 2017, and, it came full circle last night when Purdy, as the current Vice Chairman of the Planning Board, had the opportunity to vote for and approve the Amazon project.

This is a project that current Mayor Tony Coppola has also been working on for years.

Amazon Representatives, along with their contracted development company, Bluewater Property Group made an extensive and well-received preservation before the Galloway Township Planning Board.

The proposed Amazon facility will be located at Aloe Street and Genoa Avenues.

Amazon calls this kind of facility a “Last-Mile Delivery Station.”

It’s a very important part of Amazon’s delivery process. Items that land here have made it to the last stop before the intended customer’s front door.

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The United States Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez foolishly politically sabotaged and discouraged Amazon from coming to New York City a few years ago.

Galloway Township will not suffer a similar fate. They fully grasp the jobs that will be created, along with many other substantial financial benefits.

It’s set to be located in an area that is designated for redevelopment. It’s near the airport and the required land for a project of this magnitude is available.

It’s important to note that it’s currently a politically divided planning board, with holdovers from the previous administration still on the board. However, the vote for the Amazon project was unanimous.

In terms of job creation, employees are well provided for. For example, an Amazon hourly employee, who earns $15 per hour receives the same fringe benefits as the senior-most company executives.

During the public presentation, Dan Fuchs, Amazon Vice President confirmed that the facility will be 181,000 square feet.

Mayor Purdy attributed the culmination of this moment to many factors, including “my close working partnership with Mayor Coppola,” said Purdy,

Coppola as Mayor also sits on the planning board.

”We are firing on all positive and cooperative cylinders,” said Purdy.”

“When you are willing to work together for the best interest of the residents and taxpayers of Galloway Township, these kinds of big things are possible,” said Purdy.

Amazon typically sets its sights on much larger cities than Galloway Township. The skillful cultivation by Coppola and Purdy since 2017 made this possible, as they always managed to stay on Amazon’s radar screen as a possible site for a facility.

We’ve had the first interview with Mayor Coppola on Amazon coming to Galloway Township, who said:

We just landed a big fish.
Deals like this are how we are able to have municipal tax decreases in Galloway.
It’s important to note that the zoning for this area is industrial, we feel that this use is far less adverse than what is possible and permitted by law.
We had initial dialogue by with Amazon in 2017.
This is close proximity to our first economic development success story, the old Lennox property, now Barette, which now employees in the neighborhood of 1000 local people.
Amazon took our recommendations and made several concessions concerning setbacks, buffering, traffic flows that far exceeded our regular ordinances in an effort to be a good community partner. - Galloway Township Mayor Tony Coppola

This should serve as a Positive example, that should be replicated elsewhere… That when you work together as a team, towards a common interest, great things can happen.

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