Last week, we shared the news that three members of the Atlantic City Council (Jesse Kurtz, Bruce Weekes and LaToya Dunston) have come out in support of (a yes vote) on the November 8, 2022 ballot question to change the form of government in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Today, we can confirm that Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt has declared his public support and is encouraging the voters of Atlantic City to vote yes.

If the yes vote prevails, Atlantic City will become a non-partisan town for local elections for mayor and city council. Nothing would change for County, State and Federal elections.

This is the same format that had been in effect for many years, until the change to Atlantic City participating in the June Primary and General Election partisan atmosphere.

Candidates for Atlantic City for Mayor and City Council will run in May in a non-partisan format, meaning no more Democrats and Republicans on the ballot.

“After careful consideration, which included speaking to many hundreds of Atlantic City residents, I have decided to support a yes vote for the upcoming ballot question on November 8, 2022" said Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt.

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Tibbitt conveyed that he is deeply concerned about the divisive politics that is gripping our nation with a disturbing level of vitriol.

"By removing the partisan elements from the electoral process at the local level ….. we will return more control back to the people," said Tibbitt.

"Political bickering between the different factions of Democrats and Republicans has taken on more importance than serving the residents of Atlantic City residents," said Tibbitt.

"If the citizens of Atlantic City agree, than beginning in May, 2023. Atlantic City resident voters will be casting their votes for the best people for the job and not looking at this as Democrats versus Republicans." concluded Tibbitt.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has also agreed with this philosophy in the not-too-distant past, when he formally and publicly endorsed Republican Don Guardian for re-election as Mayor of Atlantic City over his fellow Democrat, Frank Gilliam, who went on to defeat Guardian in the election of 2017.

Small said just a few weeks before Election Day, on October 17, 2017:

“These are my final comments about The Mayor's Race, City Council President Marty Small stated: "As a Democrat and City Council President, I truly believe that current Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian is the best candidate for Mayor. Don and I fought hard against the State takeover on behalf of the residents last year, and we worked well together for the sake of moving Atlantic City in the right direction. The same can't be said about Councilman Frank Gilliam. Frank is bought and paid for by Political Bosses near and far, and is nothing more than a Manchurian Candidate. Councilman Frank Gilliam was missing in action during the most important time in our City's history because he was promised things by political bosses,” said Small.

Small made the exact same case then, that The Atlantic City Independence Committee has made now, when they developed their petition to place the public question on the ballot.

The Committee’s whole point is to take the politics, bosses and political interference out of the local Atlantic City elections for Mayor and City Council.

If you missed our previous coverage about Tibbitt’s 3 Council colleagues endorsing a yes vote on the ballot question, here is a link:

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This matter will be decided on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at the time of the General Election. If the ballot question passes, elections for City Council seats will take place in May, 2023.

The ballot question now has the public support of 4 members of the Atlantic City Council.

The mayor and council form of government that presently exists would remain in effect. The only change would be a return to non-partisan elections.


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