Atlantic City Board of Education Member John Devlin has confirmed that a “riot-like atmosphere” was in effect last night, Thursday, February 2, 2023 at Atlantic City High School.

The unruly incident took place during the Atlantic City High School versus Atlantic City Institute of Technology boys basketball game.

Devlin confirmed that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools, La’Quetta Small were both in attendance at the game.

In addition to being a more than 20-year Member of the Board of Education, Devlin is also a retired career Atlantic City Police Officer.

Devlin told us that there was a “riot-like atmosphere” at Atlantic City High School, with only 4 security guards working and a few police officers working a sold-out crowd. It took half of the bravo (police) shift to clear out the gym,” said Devlin.

Devlin advised that Security Guards don't want to work these events because starting pay is $27,500 per-year.

Devlin directly compared this to the recent Board of Education hiring of former Atlantic City Public Schools Superintendent Barry Caldwell at $ 600-plus per-day as Acting Director of Operations.

Devlin is disgusted about the numerous problems within the Atlantic City Public Schools and the dysfunctional Atlantic City Board of Education.

Devlin did hold back following last night’s riot conditions at a school function.

"Lawlessness breed's lawlessness, when you have a superintendent and mavor that don't abide by laws and regulations how do you expect our children to follow suit,” said Devlin.

“This kind of leadership promotes an atmosphere where anyone can do anything and they won't be held accountable. With both Smalls in attendance the scene was riot-like in nature. Not enough security and personnel to handle a sold out crowd,” said Devlin.

“Speaking to people who attended, they feared for their safety, our security officers were out manned. Who would ever hire only four security guards to a sold out event when everyone knows that there was an issue the last time these two teams met. A classic example of piss poor planning, gives you piss pour results,” said Devlin.

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Atlantic City High School via Facebook.
Atlantic City High School via Facebook.

SOURCE: John Devlin, Member of the Atlantic City Board of Education.

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