ATLANTIC CITY — The police officer who was shot in the head last week while responding to a robbery outside a casino is improving.

Officer Joshlee Vadell remains in the hospital after being taken off a ventilator. The city's Police Department said Thursday afternoon that Vadell was sitting up and talking.

Vadell, 29, a nine-year veteran of the department, was shot in the head early Saturday morning after he and his partner got out of their vehicle to interrupt a robbery in progress.

When shots rang out, the three robbery suspects and their three victims ran in different directions. The other officer returned fire, striking one of the suspects — Jerome Damon, 25, of Camden, who collapsed and died more than a block away.


Martell Chisholm, 19, and Demetrius Cross, 28, were charged with first-degree attempted murder and robbery charges.

Vadell underwent surgery and was initially listed in critical condition. Hospital officials said Thursday that he was in stable condition.

The state police union, meanwhile, is calling for a city councilman to resign after suggesting on Facebook that tensions were high between police and the community.

And in a different violent case in the city last week, a man who shot and killed a store manager last Thursday at a busy shopping district was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder.

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