16-year Atlantic County, New Jersey Republican Party Chairman Keith Davis is poised to resign his position in the very near future.

“I have been asked to serve as a trustee on the board of a 527 organization about to be formed which will focus on the election of Republicans in South Jersey. Building
upon our success in Atlantic County, this new role will allow me to help Republican candidates win here and throughout our region,” wrote Davis, in a letter (today) to Atlantic County Republican leaders.

“While I am very excited about this new opportunity, it unfortunately prevents me from holding any leadership positions in the Atlantic County Republican Party. Because of that, I am resigning as Chairman effective on March 25, 2022,” wrote Davis.

Atlantic County Republican Party Vice Chairwoman, Rosalie Baker will assume the Chair for a short period of time.

Former Galloway Township Mayor Don Purdy is now the heir apparent to become the next Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman.

Purdy has previously declared his candidacy for the position and has already won the support of a significant majority of Atlantic County elected officials.

An election for a new Chairman will take place in April 2022 on a date to be announced.

New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina has recently publicly stated that he was inclined to support a new Chairman, however, he showed great respect for Davis and the length and quality of his service as Chairman.

We talked with Senator Polistina about Davis.

“I want to thank Keith Davis for his many years of leadership of the Atlantic County Republican Committee,” said Polistina.

“His hard work and dedication to the organization has put us in a position we haven’t seen in over 2 decades and we will strive to continue his legacy of support for Republican candidates in Atlantic County.”

“His promotion to an even bigger role helping republicans across South Jersey enhances our opportunities to bring positive changes for the people of New Jersey,” said Polistina.

Now, with Davis announcing his conflict of interest and inability to continue to serve as Chairman, it makes the transition a smooth, amicable one, with no internal, negative feelings expressed by any parties involved.

“When I began my tenure 16 years ago, Atlantic County was a purple county. But today, we are bright red and have a very promising future,” said Davis.

“I look forward to seeing our new chair assume leadership of our organization and pledge a smooth transition. Vice-Chair Rosalie Baker will temporarily act as chairperson until a special election is held within 30 days to fill my unexpired term,” said Davis.

SOURCE: Keith Davis & previous WPG Talk Radio - Hurley interviews.

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