It’s easy to be an ideologue and just vote no on everything! That’s what most politicians do these days at the local, county, state and national level.

New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina, R-2 is a different breed. Polistina has demonstrated time and time again that he is willing to put principle ahead of partisan politics.

If something is good for Atlantic County’s district 2, Polistina will support it, regardless of who proposed it.

It’s refreshing and rare in today’s bitterly partisan political atmosphere.

Polistina has worked with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy where and when he can. They’ve gotten a lot of good things done together for Atlantic County … including a new Atlantic County Prosecutor and multiple New Jersey Superior Court Judges to name a few.

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You don’t see this very often. Polistina and his legislative teammates, New Jersey Assembly Members Don Guardian and Claire Swift all voted yes for the fiscal year 2023 New Jersey budget.

The reason all three Atlantic County state legislators did so is because they determined that the (Democrat proposed) budget is good for district 2.

“Atlantic County sent us to Trenton to do one thing: make New Jersey more affordable. And this budget does just that,” said Polistina.

The three legislators have justified their votes:


“Although we need more permanent fixes to our state's sorry fiscal health, there's enough property tax relief in the budget through the ANCHOR program, record-setting additional funding for Stockton University, and a back-to-school sales tax holiday that I am supporting this vision for the next year,” said Polistina.


"This budget has over fifty million dollars for critical capital investment and infrastructure projects in Atlantic County. Finally, South Jersey is getting a fair shake," said Guardian.

”I also knew I'd be a 'yes' when I saw that the pension obligation to our police and fire services was being fully funded for the second year in over twenty years. We owe it to them to make sure they can retire with dignity."


"Every day I hear from Atlantic County's hardworking families about how inflation and gas prices are making life in New Jersey unaffordable," Assemblywoman Swift said. "No budget can be perfect, but relief is needed now and this budget has it. Vince, Don and I promised we would work with anyone -- Republican or Democrat -- to keep costs down and make Atlantic County's priorities heard in Trenton. I am pleased to report we are delivering."

Do not underestimate the power of elected officials of both political parties who are willing to work together. Much can be accomplished when they do so.

Murphy, Polistina, Guardian and Swift are demonstrating this fact in real time.

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