After many months, indoor dining is back in New Jersey. It's nice to get another slice of normalcy back, but many consumers have lingering questions about safety precautions in restaurants and businesses — including me and my family.

We have been very compliant during the stressful COVID-19 pandemic and now the only restaurants we will consider dining at are those who demonstrate that they have taken proper safety protocols.

For example, we trust Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City, the official and exclusive Casino Hotel for the “Hurley in the Morning” program. They use patented, state-of-the-art blue light technology, just like you would see in a hospital surgical suite, to ensure high-touch areas such as elevator buttons are clean.

Capriccio Restaurant - Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City

Bactronix South Jersey is a local company that offers important disinfection services to businesses, schools, gyms, offices and more. They have been in the microbial control business for many years before the pandemic.

They can test your hard and soft surfaces for microbial levels, including COVID-19, and recommend the best process based on the results. They also offer an exclusive EPA registered two-step bactronizing process to disinfect and protect. Here's how they explain it on their website:

Step 1 Disinfection:  BactroKill is applied through an advanced electrostatic delivery system to ensure 100% coverage of the intended area. BactroKill is a hospital grade, environmentally responsible disinfectant. BactroKill ruptures dangerous biofilm, allowing the patented agent to infiltrate the cell environment and destroy the organism.


Step 2 ProtectionBactroBlock is also applied through the same advanced electrostatic delivery system to ensure 100% coverage of the intended area. It is an antimicrobial protectant, able to coat porous and non-porous surfaces. BactroBlock establishes an environmentally responsible micro-biostatic antimicrobial protection. This process has residual efficacy that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and virus for extended periods of time.

Bactronix South Jersey can help your business give your customers the peace of mind my family and I look for as we continue to navigate this pandemic and support local companies. This is why I have formally endorsed Bactronix South Jersey, because you can’t be too careful with the safety and health if your family.

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