One of Burlington County's own was fortunate enough to beat coronavirus. Now, he's paying it forward by raising funds for the Food Bank of South Jersey.

Dr. Jim Sanfilippo, an orthopedic surgeon from Moorestown, decided to use haircuts to help the food bank.

He started a GoFundMe page, Haircuts for COVID-19, encouraging people to shave their head, or their children's head (now that salons are closed due the virus), and take what they'd normally pay a barber or hairdresser and donate it instead.

Jim's fundraiser has already seen $18,000 in donations, directly benefiting the Food Bank of SJ. He told, "It feels great to be able to support a charity that's doing everything that they can to make sure those that are not as fortunate as my family was going through this have the support they need."

When Jim came down with COVID-19, he assumed he'd picked up the flu. He was caught off guard a week later when he spiked a 103 degree fever and stood up to get out of bed and fainted.

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