Most of our everyday things and activities are changing a lot because of the pandemic. There is one big change coming to one of New Jersey's shopping malls.

According to, Cherry Hill Mall will not be allowing anyone that is under 18 years of age inside without an adult. reported that that PREIT, owner of Cherry Hill Mall, has made a temporary mall rule that is called ”temporary parental escort policy.” PREIT said, "The program will run until the earlier of the lifting of the restriction or when management deems the occupancy threshold has been increased to a level whereby the policy is no longer needed."

Some of the regulations shared include:

  • If you look underage you will be asked to show proof of age to be allowed in the mall without a guardian. You will be asked to exit the mall if there is no proof of age and no parent or guardian is nearby.
  • Adults 21 and older are allowed to be accompanied by no more than 4 kids.
  • Adults ages 18 to 20 can not be used as a guardian to walk throughout the mall.

Cherry Hill Mall is set to reopen on Monday, June 29th, and will be having some restrictions as well as some time changes. The mall will be having limited access to customers to continue practicing social distancing and all customers must wear face masks.

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