TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie has accepted a role with the Trump Administration, according to the New York Post.

The newspaper reported that Christie is telling friends and members of his staff that his is taking a "role" with President Donald Trump's administration. The report did not disclose the position but said Christie would not accept a job unless he is "answerable to the president."

The story also did not mention anything about his leaving office.

Christie spokesman Brian Murray in an email to Townsquare Media wrote "here is absolutely no truth to the story. In fact, the Governor said at a press conference this past week and on his monthly radio program that he plans to finish his term as Governor, and he dismissed the type of speculation being reported by the New York Post."

Christie and his wife Mary Pat had lunch at the White House with Trump on Valentine's Day but a senior White House aide told CNN that “there was zero, I repeat zero, conversation" about a job. "The only thing he may do is head up a commission to investigate the opioid crisis.”

During Monday night’s Ask The Governor program on WPG, Christie said there were certain positions he was willing to accept and step down as governor for. “If I got offered one of those things I’d consider it, but I don’t expect that’s going to happen. I think the time has run out,” Christie said.

If Christie was leaving office he gave no indication during his address to the NJ Chamber of Commerce's Walk to Washington on Thursday.

Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce Jeremy Grunin, who was in Washington for the event, said Christie's demeanor was "very negative. Very angry" and  seemed to "speak at the crowd."

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